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12th Annual Snowdon Hike

Saturday 6th July, 2024

Join us for an unforgettable experience by hiking Mount Snowdon


In the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, you will commence your trek along the Llanberis Path. This great challenge will see you and fellow fundraisers hiking to the Snowdon summit, enjoying spectacular views along the way! 


This challenge will test your physical and mental limits, but you will be rewarded by knowing that all your fundraising will go towards supporting our global projects. 

On return, celebrate your achievement with delicious food, snacks and drinks served by our Langar Aid team. You will be awarded a medal to commemorate your achievement and plenty of opportunity to take pictures with the Khalsa Aid team, volunteers and fellow hikers.

12th Annual Hike

Since the first hike in 2011, our annual Snowdon fundraiser has become one of the most popular events for Khalsa Aid International. 2024 marks our 12th annual hike as well as the charity's 25th anniversary. 

800+ Hikers

This great annual event is enjoyed by all ages and backgrounds. Over 800 members of the public take part in our annual Snowdon hike, making this one of our most memorable events of the year.

£150,000+ Raised

2023 was a record breaking year where our supporters raised in excess of £150,000. This has supported the continued work of the charity across the globe. Help us make our 25th Anniversary our best year so far by taking part on 6th July 2024

Khalsa Aid International is more than just a charity that delivers aid to the most vulnerable around the world. It is an organisation that aims to bring everyone together and raise awareness of the Sikh principle of
'Recognise the whole human race as one'

Why should I join Khalsa Aid's Annual Snowdon Hike?

You will be part of a growing group of like-minded challengers that will be fundraising to support our global humanitarian aid projects. Join us and be part of a friendly, supportive atmosphere for an unforgettable experience.

  • Khalsa Aid branded apparel

  • A medal to commemorate your achievement

  • Delicious food, snacks and drinks

  • Support from the Khalsa Aid volunteers, from sign-up right through to when you cross the finish line

  • Customised 15% online discount at Mountain Warehouse

More importantly, you'll have a reason to keep going, because you'll know you're helping us improve thousands of lives across the world. We continue to provide aid across the globe from your donations, and we couldn't do what we do without your continued support.

How to get involved?

Follow the steps below to get yourself registered.

As this is a fundraising event, there is a required minimum sponsorship pledge of £100. Achieve this easily through your fundraising page by sharing and creating awareness of this great challenge.

Closing date for registration is 30th June 2024



All participants attending the event must register by clicking the register button below. You can either create a team, join an existing team or register as an individual.



Once registered, you will receive an email with a link to your fundraising page.
Share your fundraising link with your family and friends to spread awareness.



Start your training and preparation for the event. Just a reminder that the hike is a challenging return trek of 6+ hours. Some exercises that may help include long walks, lunges, squats, step-ups and running.



On the day of arrival you will be greeted by our Khalsa Aid team at base camp where you will be provided with refreshments and snacks. There will also be a check-in desk where further information will be shared before you start your hike.

Register to hike

Registering and booking your ticket will create a fundraising page to share with your family and friends. You can also create/join a team and fundraise together.

Registrations Closed

6th July 2024
Ticket £35
£100 Minimum
Get 15% off online shopping when you register
Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 17.38.25.png
Get 10% off membership when you register

Llanberis Path


9 miles / 14.5km

there and back


5.5 - 7 Hrs

there and back

Path Type

Popular, hard and strenuous route


975 Metres / 3,199 Feet

We highly recommend avoiding walking on the Snowdon Mountain Railway track due to safety concerns. Let's stay safe and enjoy the breathtaking scenery together!

Coach Locations

Coaches will be available from multiple locations.

Coaches will be leaving from the following locations.
Seats are limited and are available to pre-book when you register.
The coach itinerary will be emailed closer to the time.

All coaches will depart at 5:30pm from Snowdon. Any latecomers will be liable to make their own way back as coach drivers are on a restricted schedule.


Departure 5am

Boarding 4.30am


Departure 3am

Boarding 2.30am


Departure 5am

Boarding 4:30am


Departure 6am

Boarding 5.30am

This coach will briefly stop at Manchester pickup point.


Departure 3.30am

Boarding 3am


(Pick-up Point)

Bradford coach with a brief stop in Manchester.


Departure 5am

Boarding 4.30am

Leamington Spa

Departure 4:45am

Boarding 4:30am


Departure 4:15am

Boarding 4am

- Making your own way -

You can use the postcode LL55 4TU where you will find a paid car parking facility opposite the Snowdon Mountain Railway station.

Recommended Equipment List

  • Rucksack

  • Waterproof jacket & hiking trousers

  • Fleece jacket

  • Long-sleeved mid-weight top

  • Two pairs of socks, one thick and one thin

  • Comfortable walking/hiking boots (see below)

  • Walking poles (optional)

  • Bottled water (will be provided at basecamp also)

  • Packed lunch (we will provide fruit and snack bars at basecamp at the beginning with a meal from our Langar Aid team on return)

  • Mobile phone & battery charger pack

  • Sunblock/sun cream (subject to weather)

  • Blister Plasters

We advise that trainers are not worn as there is no support for the ankles, sprains are one of the most common injuries. Please ensure you wear boots that provide support to the ankles as the terrain varies throughout the hike


Which Path of Snowdon?

We will be taking the Llanberis Path, this is the most popular and easiest route. The full hike is 9 miles long and takes roughly 3 hours to get to the summit.

Food and Drinks?

Our Langar Aid team will be providing vegetarian hot food and snacks on the day (1pm-5pm), if you have any special dietary requirements we recommend you bring your own food, we can not promise or guarantee availability.

Overnight stay?

There are many local hotels which you can book yourself. If you wish to stay overnight before or after the event you can search for local hotels by using the postcode LL55 4TD.

What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothing, light layers are best and sensible walking shoes with good grip. The right kit, such as rucksacks and walking poles, can have a big impact on your overall experience it makes sense to shop carefully.


Please note: Khalsa Aid International reserve the right to make any amendments necessary to this itinerary. The timings offered in this itinerary are offered as a guide only. Precise timings during the challenge may vary depending upon things such as weather, groups ability etc.


Participants who will be driving after completing the hike, it is important that you make suitable plans for travelling to avoid driving when tired.


Thank you to each and every one of you who made our Snowdon hike last year the most successful fundraiser to date. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend in person due to my health but I am looking forward to meeting you all this year. It's always a pleasure meeting our wonderful donors, fundraisers and hikers. As I always say, it is the Sangat that has helped Khalsa Aid become one of the leading faith-based cross-border humanitarian organisation. With all your continued efforts, we are now into our 25th year of delivering aid across the world. Let's make this year an even more successful event and help us to continue serving humanity.

Ravi Singh

Founder and CEO

For more information

Khalsa Aid Annual Snowdon Hike

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